After the 2017 CrossFit Regionals I took 3 months off from CrossFit style training to focus on building up my core lifts. First of all let me say 3 months is a long time to take off from CrossFit. I couldn’t believe how bad things felt coming back. I just had one gear.. Slow! I don’t regret it one bit though. I learned that with time and hard training I can and will come back fitter than before. Anyway on Memorial Day I did a toe to bar workout and realized I could only string together sets of 2! I knew right there and then I had to do something to help bring back my gymnastics. So I researched and researched. Came up with nothing. I said you know what.. I’m just going to do good old fashion kipping pull ups. Yes. Kipping pull ups. Never would have I thought kipping pull ups would bring me to a whole new level. Since then I have broken all my best records for max sets in the bar muscle up, ring muscle up, and pull up variations. I always thought I had to be skinny to be able to string big sets but all I really needed was strong shoulders. Kipping pull ups developed and prepped  my shoulders for all my gymnastic workouts I had planned for the week. Also now I do less pulling volume because the kipping pull add so much value to my regime I don’t have to pound my self to the ground every day. Here are some of the workouts I did to help me break all my records.

Two Examples:

10 Rounds

10- GHD Sit Up

10-  Kipping Pull Up



Kipping Pull Up

*30- Double Under after each set of pull up

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