Let’s talk about wall balls! Not everyone loves them, but they show up pretty frequently in most gyms/competitions. One thing to keep in mind is you don’t have to be “crazy fit” to be good at wall balls. But unfortunately, like with most things, you can’t avoid wall balls and end up being good at them. Crazy, right? That means you can’t just do push press or front squat and expect your wall ball capacity to go up. Will those two lifts help your wall balls? Yes, I personally believe they do, but one movement cannot replace another. In order to turn a weakness into a strength, you have to spend some quality time with it.

Keep it simple

Here are some of the workouts I used to build my wall ball capacity.

Example 1

For time: 150- Wall ball @30lbs (in sets of 10)

I like workouts like this because it lets me know exactly how “unfit” I really am. The goal is to practice small sets under high fatigue. I pay attention to how long I break in between the sets and how smooth each set feels

Example 2

3-5 Rounds 

2min (Cardio Machine) row, bike, run

15-30 unbroken wall balls

[Rest 2-3 minutes]

This workout helps determine my threshold. If I hit 30 unbroken wall balls and walk away with a low heart rate, then I know my wall ball capacity is improving. The goal is to pick a number that you know you may not be able to hit in a continuous conditioning workout. This transfers over to a chipper or metcon/WOD in the sense that you will be able to hit 15 unbroken wall balls and move to the next movement with more ease.

Example 3

15-20 min Workout

20- Wall Ball @ desired weight for workouts

20- KB Swing (moderate weight)

20- Calorie Row or  Bike

My goal for this type of workout is to finish every round of this workout at high intensity with unbroken wall balls. I choose simple movements because if I can’t go unbroken on my wall balls in a workout that has relatively simple movements (KB swings/ rowing/ bike) then it is less likely I’ll be able to go unbroken on my wall balls if the workout was paired with heavy clean and jerks and a complex gymnastics movement (Ring Muscle Up / chest to bar Pull Up). Essentially, the Goal is to go unbroken fairly easily.

Example 4

5 rounds

5mins Working / 2min Rest

25- Wall Balls 20/14 or 30/20

10- Power Clean 135/95

5- Ring Muscle Up

If you can go unbroken on your wall balls  in this workout then you are ready to attack any style of workout that may come your way. The purpose of this workout is to test your wall ball capacity when paired with high skill and power movements. After you can confidently do this style of workout, you’re ready to tackle head on any wall ball workout.

Hopefully this has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through email or instagram @RP_athletics. I regularly use these style of workouts to keep my wall ball capacity high as I prep for the 2019 CrossFit Games Open.

– Coach Amador Arteaga






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