“Why do you workout? What are you working towards?”

What pops into your head when you read that? Someone recently asked me this question and I immediately starting listing off all of the reasons why I sacrifice so much of my time and energy and push my body to its limits daily. I felt as if I was almost trying to prove to him that I believed all of this was going to be worth it. It was like I was standing in the courtroom arguing the case for why my fitness and performance in the gym is one of my top 5 priorities in my life right now. I had all the evidence ready to go in my mind and I spilled it all out for him.

That was a week ago. A few days later my alarm woke me up at 5am (so early even the sun had not woken up yet). My body ached from the workouts I had done just 12 hours before. I had cramps because Mother Nature was knocking on my door (never with good timing). And, to top it off, I had a 12+ hour day of classes and work ahead of me. Needless to say, for a few seconds I thought to myself, “Maybe I will just not go today.” And then those questions popped into my head, “Why do you workout? What are you working towards?” And all of my reasons started to prompt me to roll out of bed, get dressed, pack my bags for my super long day, and head out the door. Those reasons kept me driving through abnormally heavy traffic. They kept me going when I walked into the gym and it was quiet and colder than normal. They kept my body moving when I got into the thick of a mentally challenging workout and every fiber in my being wanted to lay down the barbell and walk out the door.

I’m telling you this story so you can see that Motivation is not something that’s always present. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find it and, sometimes, no matter how deep you dig, you come up with nothing. If we base our motivation off our current circumstances and feelings, we will never move closer to our goals. True Motivation comes from passion. It comes from determination and resilience and pure Grit.


If you are lacking Motivation today, try these 3 drills:

  1. Write down 2 short term goals and 1 long term goal
  2. Take the day one hour at a time: instead of thinking about everything you have to do in the day. Think about what you need to do in the next hour.
  3. Self-talk. Sometimes we rely too much on other people to motivate us. Sometimes we walk into the gym and we have to go about the workout on our own. Using positive language like: “I will ______, this is hard but it will help me get better at _______, or you made it through (insert hard moment) you can make it through this.

I’ll leave you with this motivational quote from Justin S’ua
Difficult is not bad.
Difficult is not impossible.
Difficult is just difficult,
And you can do difficult thing


— Coach Sofi @Soffit17

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