In 1 year of RP Athletics, i have PR’d all my lifts (ALL my lifts) & moved from 109th to 30th in California in the Open. I am now on my second year with RP & learning to fully embrace this challenging program to become my best. Crossfit is a complex sport and it’s important to have a proven program that will keep you healthy, strong, & constantly improving. If you are serious about becoming healthy, & STRONG, put your money where mouth is, put the hard work in & reap all the benefits this program has to offer!

George, Crossfit Pendulum 

If you are looking to up your game by trying to make it to Regionals I highly recommend my coach (RP Athletics) who after only 2 weeks of programming helped me get out of over a 2 year slump and PR my snatch by 10 pounds. COMMITTED TO MAKING YOU THE BEST!

– Jesse, Crossfit Bam 

I’ve made so much progress with them that I trust them to continue helping me get to my goals.

Since I started RP athletics, I’ve lost 35Lbs, I’ve gotten stronger, I’ve made my way up in local competitions, I’ve met many RP athlete’s some of whom are now my friends, I’ve become mentally stronger, I’ve been able to push harder in workouts, and workouts that seemed impossible to finish have become possible now. I truly can say that both Coach Sofi & Coach Amador aka Coach Gorilla genuinely care about all the RP athletes. Why did I choose RP over other programs? That’s a easy question to answer, I choose them because I know if I ever need help or have a question on anything I know Coach Sofi & Amador are a call or text away and I’ve made so much progress with them that I trust them to continue helping me get to my goals. If you were to ask me if it’s worth joining I would say yes in a instant. RP Athletics genuinely has multiple programs to help multiple people with different goals

Jose, Intrvl Athletics

(Amador) started training my teenage sons about a month ago and I’ve been so impressed.  From day one he has had them working on strength, agility, and speed, using movements specifically beneficial for baseball players.   His sports specific training knowledge base is huge. I’m always surprised how much he can fit in one hour, making adjustments on the fly if necessary.  Form is always the first focus, and already they are moving so much better.  Though high school sports are shut down (currently), the boys are learning skills that will give them a strong foundation once team workouts start up again.  And they will know how to lift heavy weights safely in the gym; a skill they’ll carry with them to adulthood.  He tracks their weight and muscle mass, talks nutrition, and in a short time has become a positive role model – they love going in to train.  Best investment!

Jessie, Mutiny Crossfit

During my championship swim meet, I dropped more than 10 seconds and earned a spot in the Finals for 4 of my events. I feel stronger and faster and I owe it to my strength programming from RP and Coach Sofi.

Evan, Competitive Swimmer

I’ve tried other online programs and my own programming, but none of it worked like RP athletics

Since joining RP Athletics, I have experienced PRs in every lift and benchmark workout along with feeling healthier and more fit. I’ve tried other online programs and my own programming, but none of it worked like RP athletics

Mikey, Crossfit Hokay Hey

Coach Amador is the best trainer I’ve worked with and I’m loving my results. I Come from a back injury, nonathletic or weight lifting background. Coach Amador was able to take me on with no problem. He truly comes highly recommended. The atmosphere is amazing . The gym is clean and everyone is super nice.

Dawnisha, Mutiny Crossfit

I have been working with RP Athletics for over 3 months now. During that time I have greatly improved my form, stamina and endurance. My strength has increased immensely and I’ve hit several new PR’s to prove it! Amador and Sofi are fantastic coaches and no matter your goals they’ve got a customized plan just for you.

Lauren, Unaffiliated