In 1 year of RP Athletics, i have PR’d all my lifts (ALL my lifts) & moved from 109th to 30th in California in the Open. I am now on my second year with RP & learning to fully embrace this challenging program to become my best. Crossfit is a complex sport and it’s important to have a proven program that will keep you healthy, strong, & constantly improving. If you are serious about becoming healthy, & STRONG, put your money where mouth is, put the hard work in & reap all the benefits this program has to offer!

George, Crossfit Pendulum 

If you are looking to up your game by trying to make it to Regionaly I highly recommend my coach (RP Athletics) who after only 2 weeks of programming helped me get out of over a 2 year slump and PR my snatch by 10 pounds. COMMITTED TO MAKING YOU THE BEST!

– Jesse, Crossfit Bam 

Since recently joining rp-athletics, I have noticed a significant change in my strength and endurance. So happy with seeing results in such a short amount of time! The programming is great, you’re most definitely putting in hard work and see the results from it. It’s challenging, fun, and never gets boring! Amador and Sofi are always readily available for any help or questions i have, and reach out to see how the program is doing for me. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to step up their game in crossfit/Olympic lifts.

– Anne Marie, Crossfit Glendora 

Since starting the RP programming in March I’ve noticed significant improvements in my endurance and strength. The variety of workouts each day are the perfect compliment to the class WODs and have allowed me to really focus on skill work and improving my weaknesses. Seeing the consistent results in both PRs and class performance really fuel me to stay committed to the process.

– Britney, Crossfit Glendora 

During my championship swim meet, I dropped more than 10 seconds and earned a spot in the Finals for 4 of my events. I feel stronger and faster and I owe it to my strength programming from RP and Coach Sofi.

Evan, Competitive Swimmer