Our general fitness program that is a perfect fit for anyone looking to improve their skills, conditioning, and strength. A variety of options are provided, but can be adjusted due to limited time for training. Who its for: RX level athletes or athletes that are still developing skills/strength and may want to “scale” workouts.


Join our group of Elite level Crossfit athletes. Every day includes a comprehensive plan that will help prepare you for the competition season. Who its for: RX/RX+ level athletes who are looking to qualify for Quarterfinals or Semifinals.


Conditioning and Weight Lifitng Program that can be done at your local gym. Who its for: people who need guidance while working out at 24hr Fitness, LA Fitness, etc.


Minimal equipment workouts for your home gym. Who its for: people working out at home or who travel and would like options for hotel workouts while on the go.


Includes RP Compete Programming with individual adjustments based on upcoming competitions or skills that need additional attention. Includes optional monthly Facetime check-ins with your coach, availability to text your coach daily and review workouts, and weightlifting video review. Who its for: Elite level athletes that need additional accountability and guidance to prepare for the competition season OR RX level athletes that need more specific guidance and adaptations to daily workouts.


RP Power Building Program (Compound Lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift) + Bodybuilding Style Accessory Work). Who its for: athletes that want to perform power lifting and bodybuilding style training in the gym or at home.


RP Olympic Weightlifting Program. Who its for: Any level athlete looking to improve basic olympic lifting technique and strength or compete at the local/national level in meets.

All programming will be accessible via TrainHeroic.
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DISCLAIMER: Please notify RP Athletics one week before the renewal date of your subscription if you plan to cancel for the following month. Any refunds for cancelled subscriptions will be charged a minimum $5 service.