Daily Email Program

Requirements: Minimal Equipment (KettleBell, pair of Dumbbells, Jump Rope).
Each email includes a conditioning workout (WOD), aerobic endurance piece, weight-lifting, accessory work, home workouts (minimal equipment) and skill/gymnastics work.

This is a good option for all levels of athletes. This program closely follows our RP-ELITE TRACK and will produce great results if done consistently. Scaling options are provided for all workouts.

One Week Free Trial Available For June 2021

Remote Program

This program is designed specifically for you according to your goals, strengths and weaknesses, and workout schedule. In addition to a customized program, you will have the opportunity to communicate with your coach to talk about the program and ask questions. This is a great option for any fitness level and for those that would like more accountability and coaching.

Includes access to the RP athletics programming through the TrueCoach App.

Last day to sign up for the 2022 CrossFit season is September 1st.

Group Training

A study conducted by Ball State University (2010) found that people that worked out with a personal trainer gained >30% more strength over a 12 week period than those that worked out out alone. Simply put, having the guidance of an expert in the field can help you reach your goals in a safer and more effective way.

We offer several different small group training packages (shown in the link below) and flexible training hours, as well. Our earliest training slot is at 4am and the latest is at 7:00pm. Small groups consist of 2-3 people.
CURRENT COVID GUIDELINES: Personal Trainer wears a face mask and small groups are socially distanced. All equipment is thoroughly cleaned before and after sessions.

Available for all ages and fitness levels. Training sessions are at Mutiny Crossfit in Duarte, CA.

Personal Training

If you prefer to train one on one with your Personal Trainer, please select one of the options below. Coach Amador will contact you shortly after you sign up to schedule your first session. These sessions can be composed of conditioning and strength work or focused on weight-lifting and gymnastics technique, depending on your goals.

Current COVID Guidelines: Personal Trainer wears a face mask, social distancing enforced, and all equipment is cleaned before and after your session.

Bodybuilding with Coach Ruben

Be trained by one of the best in the Bodybuilding World. This program is great for those looking to compete in a bodybuilding competition or simply looking to get in shape through a bodybuilding style of training. Coach Ruben Salas has been involved in the fitness industry since 2014 and has been a competitor since 2016, competing in 7 competitions thus far.

Accolades Include: 2016 INBF LA (1st place men’s physique), 2016 Boston Classic (1st place men’s physique), 2016 WORLD championships (2nd place men’s physique), 2017 WORLD championships (2nd place men’s physique), 2018 West Coast Classic (1st place men’s physique), 2019 West Coast Classic (2nd place men’s physique), 2019 USA Nationals (6th place men’s physique)

Gymnastics with Coach Anna

Practice Makes Perfect. If you are interested in dialing in your gymnastic skills, this program is meant for you. Designed to compliment your normal workout routine, these supplemental gymnastics workouts will help you become more proficient in your skills.

There are three levels to this program: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The Beginner Program is designed to improve basic skills in pull ups, handstand push ups, and toes to bar. The Intermediate Program is designed to improve higher level skills such as handstand walking and muscle ups. The Advanced Program is designed to improve tolerance and efficiency with higher volume gymnastic skills. ALL PROGRAMS INCLUDE DIRECT COMMUNICATION AND VIDEO REVIEW WITH COACH ANNA + ACCESS TO THE PROGRAM THROUGH THE RP ATHLETICS APP.